MAGAZIN is a flexible and trans-disciplinary exhibition space for art and culture, with a focus on contextual presentations.

MAGAZIN is a charitable association for the advancement and appreciation of the arts.

The exhibition space, founded in Vienna´s 2nd district, shows contemporary art in context with other disciplines. MAGAZIN also maintains an archive of artists and their work to improve communication and transparency. Following each exhibition there will be a printed review as well as an annual edition.

Workshops, lectures and guided tours of the city, designed to emphasize cross-referencing within artistic fields, will enhance MAGAZIN´S program.

MAGAZINE has developed a novel design and space concept, temporarily reinventing pre-existing spaces by popping up within the international community.


Anna Liska
Austrian Art Director & Graphic Designer
For MAGAZIN Creative Direction & Managment
Curating - Focus Arts in context

Jakob Neulinger
Austrian Visual artist
For MAGAZIN Curating - Focus on Arts

Eva Chytilek
Austrian Visual artist
For MAGAZIN Curating - Focus on Arts

Bert Houbrechts
Belgian photographer
For MAGAZIN Curating - Focus on Design


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